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A tribe of African natives skin and butcher an Elephant in the bush. Watch the fascinating process of rendering this 6 Ton animal into food. All the meat went to the local tribe. Nothing was wasted. Clip from “THE OUTDOORSMAN WITH BUCK MCNEELY” TV SHOW. Visit our website outdoorsmanint.com & our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


lerryperry says:

Isn't this illegal due to the fact that elephants are becoming extinct??? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Max Gustafsson says:

Interesting video. I would never have guessed they ate the stomach raw.

Zubair Khan says:

I'm just wondering how did they control the elephant for slaughtering?😅

Barb Barnes says:

1his shouldn't be seen !!!

nima ahmadi says:

idiots who disliked are probably too fat that blood cant get to their brain

MyPolings5 says:

Sheesh 🙄

Ravi Jai says:

No humanity😓

Ahkam Usmani says:

RIP elephant of india

free spirit says:

The reason they are eating elephant meat is because a fat white American sports hunter came to Africa, paid for a license to shoot this animal!

Toan Tran says:

Look like one elephant could fed the whole village !!!!!!

Vikas Acharya says:

After corona I'm damn sure Africa will be home for erona.

Naty S says:

Nasty nigga

Ew Qiye says:

How very dirty they are??😅

Claudia - says:

I've always wondered why poachers don't simply give the elephant meat to villages instead of leaving them to rott

Blessed Beyond measures says:

Bitches ‼️🥺 it be ya own ppl smh

DownSouth Ninja says:

Anybody else getting hungry

Cade Ludick says:

Tipiese kafers

Jim dela Cruz Vera says:

its the same thing in Alaska,Greenland,Iceland and Japan they eat Whale🐳 bigger than Elephant🐘

Anaya Wood says:

i want to taste it mmm

Sridhar VR says:

if u r okay to kill and eat some animal (let it b chicken, beef, lamb.. whatever). u will b okay to kill and eat another animal someday. whats the difference… u r still killing a life. i dont agree with people who say… killing a rabbit is ok but not an elephant. why ? its the same thing. it should b like … u either kill or not kill. all other statements people make is to convince themselves.

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