Top 5 Best Crossbows for Hunting

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Best 5 Hunting Crossbows that are packed with features to deliver the best performance & enhance your hunting experience!

Best Hunting Crossbow List:

0:00 – Introduction

01:07 – 5. Wildgame Innovations XR250 Crossbow
Amazon International:

03:08 – 4. Centerpoint Amped 415
Amazon International:

05:09 – 3. Excalibur Assassin 400TD
Amazon International:

07:07 – 2. Ravin r26 crossbow
Amazon International:

09:14 – 1. Barnett TS380
Amazon International:
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muddog2 says:

How about the Stryker crossbow from bow tech

Ozzy Grunt says:

Why are you referring to the, as arrows ‘which are used with a bow’, and not a bolt “WHICH, are used with a crossbow””. Sorry for the confusion if I’m wrong, but I’ve always been bought up knowing the difference, plus I’ve owned a few crossbows in my time, and the bolts are about half the size of an arrow.

Don Wilson says:

What I don't know who you guys had reviewing the top 5 crossbows but they need to do better research on the top 5 best they were way off

Joseph Bonadio says:

You talk about the Centerpoint 415, but at times your video shows the Centerpoint CP400 totally different crossbow

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