Kubecka Flying Service Helicopter Hog Hunting: Wesley's Hog Hunt 9/2/2020

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This is the same field as the video that was taken in 2018 (Kubecka Flying Service: Helicopter Hog Hunting August 22-23, 2018). The pilot is able to move most of the hogs out of the rice field, making shooting easier and more efficient as well as making retrieval easier as desired by the farmer. The farmer is especially concerned about high yield for his second crop rice due to the expected higher demand based on crop failures in other parts of the world.


Vonnie Morgan says:

I truly hope the shooter is listening to the same music on his earphones. Totally inspirational!

Charlito Apéro says:

Wow you're an awesome shot

EneaCap TV says:

U kill the animal

HooligaN Riverside says:

ผมขอถามผู้รู้ช่วยตอบด้วยครับ ออกตัวเลย.. ไม่ได้สวยงาม โลกของกูไม่ได้สวยหรู แต่แค่อยากรู้ว่าเขายิงตัวอะไร? และยิงไปทำไม.. เยอะขนาดนั้น?

Mindaugas ZDANAVIČIUS says:

Kad tu iskristum is lektuvo uz toki darba. BRAKONIERIUS

Адхам Соатов says:


samukasom PE says:

Rapaz e carne pro ano todo 😋😋😋

Péter Flaxa says:

and what about the many meats?

Steve T says:

absolute fun what is the gun and ammo??????

Dmitry K says:

Что за звери и за что?

Martin Eden says:

A poor bastard man!

Андроник Метлин says:

Это не охота, это убийство!

stasiek burakowski says:

i średnio bohater z bronią i helikopterem przykro to się oglada

أمير الصحراء says:

The amazing hunter 👍

Oleg Sadovnik says:

Надеюсь он разбился на том вертолёте.

K K says:

It's a beast not a human …

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