I've Speared A Bull Elk! Holy Crap!

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After ten trips and 100s of hours waiting for an elk to take the bait, it finally happened. And then, it was over in seconds. When he made a run for it the spear did massive damage. We show the heart only to let the viewer understand how effective a spear can be! Hope you enjoy the spear cam as well. SLOCK!! You can buy the same spear on my website @ SlockMaster.com


Uncle Smugs says:

Your a tank dude a literal god of primitive hunting

FellowSpider Eaterz says:

People who like hunters don’t talk to me

CHILI says:

0:40 nah bruh that turkey was still moving

Fabian says:

2:14 fkn took thay bird's head clean off in one mfkn shot.

Reid waldron says:

He's the man if you want someone to kill a animal he's the one

Z.Incognito says:

He has autoaim

R•a•c•h•e•l says:

some of y’all don’t understand it’s called
your supposed to kill the dang animal
i come from a huge hunting family and i’m actually going hog hunting next week
stop hating on him, he’s doing what he loves

mattgotsskill says:

i feel like hunters keep finding ways to make the hunt more challenging. eventually the only challenge left is going to be hunting with literally just a knife lol.

Jay Jay 30 says:

Traditional Hunting Clean Kill Tim 👊🏾

Jeoy Bera says:

Damn! I want some of that meat!

Elk slayer says:

Anyone that hates on this guy is dumb. Tim wells your my idol and I kill with a bow and I’m now gonna buy your blowgun, keep it up bro 😎

kensei m says:

A humane and natural way of eating, he went down quick, no need for cramped slaughter houses, no need cruelty just a man hunting like it should be, Good throw.

Drum king says:

Keep throwing that spear buddy don't let these comments stop youi am enjoying your content.

Ethan Cariveau says:

We just gonna ignore Bigfoot

Timber Line says:

Pure Hunting

Alex Vargas says:

Lol they never suffer with a spear!

pomegranate says:

impressive, maybe one day I'll learn to hunt

Jose Sisneros says:

Man I would love to do what you do

Kevin Sharpe says:

Who ever dislikes these vids should grow a set of nuts 🥜. This is what the right to go hunting is about quickly …dispatching animals.

Igneelzidius says:

Just started watching your videos, havta admit I'm jealous mate =)

RRC Bucko says:

Imagine being a butthurt animal rights protester

Dovey Milton says:

Vegans: a real man wouldnt use a gun, whats the matter you too scared to kill an animal with honor?

Tim: uses spear

Vegans: youre sick in the head how can you be so cruel, at least use a gun so he dies quicker

Rick Newton says:

I would say people with hate mail never hunted 1000 years ago. Pretty sure arrows and spears were the go to. But those haters think meat at the super market is not from an animal that was killed too.
Nice spear throw man!!!

Pro_wheelers_ Uk1 says:

Not the bears man comon that’s sad

Triston Castille says:

Commenting on all your vids 64

IseYurina says:

2:13 Did you just shoot its head off lol

Paul Ungureanu says:

Hunting used to be an art.
Teaching you respect for the prey. Interesting video to discover though

Im Suke says:

That's the worst way of hunting, since if the spear gets slammed into trees, everysecond the spear gets moved, widening the wound. THATS PAINFUL

Pong says:

Keep up the nice hunting

drip drop says:

this guy has human aimbot

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