Hunting in Africa | Buffalo hunt at Tollies African Safaris

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Magnificent buffalo
At Tollie’s African Safaris we offer our clients over 30 different species to hunt. From the big 5 to the tiny 10 we’ve got you covered.

If your looking to hunt the Eastern Cape of South Africa see our website for more info

You can also follow us on instagram – to see all our hunting photos


Angelo Angelos says:

Young Buffalo in a farming area.

Juan Alvarez says:

Por favor no continuar matando pobres y inocentes animales por favor piedad

New World Order or Dis-order? says:

SICK…. killing animals for pleasure… these aimals deserve to live in the wild n get eaten by lions. no wonder lions disappearing from the wild!!! NEW WORLD ORDER (agenda 21,2030) take ownership of wildlife

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