Cow vs Deer

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Charlie the Cow and Myles the Deer eat apples, swap stories, and pour a couple two tree out.

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Soccer Lover says:

This deserves 3 million views!

Bill Roden says:

I have watched this so many times, the puns are awful and I love it!!

Maine Made says:

What what what's you sayyyyyyyyyyyhh turkey jerky

Jon Snow says:

This is fantastic 👏

cheapseats12 says:

The ridiculousness yet accuracy of this at the same time is astounding lol

Jessica Stewart says:

This is funnier every time I watch it

Jessica Stewart says:

This is funnier every time I watch it

Faolan says:

The pun fu is strong with this moo

L G says:

My husbands name is Harold, I found this on opening day , he laughed so hard thank you!

RD M says:

"I got does in different area codes…" 😆😆😆

Tanya Lewis says:

I watch this daily.

Fender Bender says:

Can’t believe you wasted that much Busch

Megan Wierschke says:

also buck is aborable( your dog ) not the buck in the video

Megan Wierschke says:

hi Charlie i'm one of your biggest fans my niebor is sean. he met you at the packer game. he said he would try to get you down here so i could meet you by the way go packers and #*$% da bears by the way i am only nine years old 🙂 :}

Unknownbrand says:

No animals were injured or harmed during the filming of this video

Aleksi says:

first few seconds: "Oh deer" "Holy cow"
Me: "Oh yeah this is gonna be a good one"

wow. wow. wow. says:


-Wildfxre- says:

Omg when he pulled the beer out 😂

Eleanor Berra says:

My brother watches this

Chrissy Hill says:

Lol sleeping on the side of the interstate 👍😁🤣

Christopher Bareford says:

Honestly, best colab they have done, and that bar is impressive to begin with

TheTyphoon365 says:

This is the most South Dakotan thing I've seen on Youtube in a while.

Renegade Beef says:

“Why won’t you tip?”

Steven Raatz says:

Hilarious. More episodes of these two characters.

Brian Liebenstein says:

Dis Charlie Berens guy's a good reminder why I don't always miss the weather but I always wish I could visit my Wisconsin relatives more often. Whether we are near or far, we are always Fond du Lac of the Badger State and its KwikStops.

Kody Hunt says:

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Totally needed that! Go Packers and F..k the Bears!

N Lee says:

Period pants

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