Moose Hunt with a Little Diamond Surprise!

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Headed to Yukon Valley and Layton Lakes in search of Moose, and running into a little diamond surprise!


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Josh Langlois says:

I can barely hit vital organs

Mr_Toscano69 says:

What map is this

Reed Mager says:

I’ve been playing this game for about 2 in a half years and I have never killed a Diamond

chip. EXE says:

how TF did they get CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS to star in a world of tanks mobile add ?!?!!??!!?!?

Cristian Camacho says:

Got my first diamond and it was a 310 trophy rated moose

Kaylee Choe says:

Just found your channel, love the hunting content! Your voice is very calming.

Blake Outdoors says:

Who here thinks Flinter should rock the deer with the mullet photo? 😂😂

Grayy God says:

You should go for a diamond moose with the 12 guage

Zach Hale says:

There is a weird glitch for me where all my animals heads spasms out

Solo _survivalist says:

What map is that

Papa Smurf says:

What map is he on I’m new?

Citrus says:

How do you get so much money!!!???

Twoquill Halo says:

Flinter next vid you’ve heard of elf on the shelf now goose on a moose

Hunting bro’s The hunters says:

What gun is that it’s camo ??

Isaak Meleski says:

How did he get so much money?

Benjamin Bryant says:

Hey what is better for moose mosin or .270

studpony says:

How do I get that camo gun

Baias 76 says:

What version of the hunter do you have 😊😊

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