Coyote Hunting Tips and Setup : What Pros Won’t Tell You

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Call : Lucky Duck Roughneck

Tripod : Slik 700DX Pro

Ball Head : Feisol CB-50D

Hogsaddle Gun Rest

Call Tripod : Ruittos RT-0525

Gun : Bergara B14 in 22-250 with Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 F1 MRAD


Ethan Mulvany says:

I like the Harrison calls. My dad is friends with the owner of Harrison calls, and one of the teachers at my school is his wife.

Russ says:

Love the video and the info. Thank you!

John Deere says:

What is that collapsible stool?

Garrett Joseph says:

Great content 🦌 I reckon you’ll enjoy my friends videos too. Check them out ——> #BlackWaterGuideService 👏

Patton Mann says:

Put raccoon scent on the bottoms of your boots if a dog walks where you walked in at they can't smell you this has helped me many times where before I didn't do this in the past they have smelled the path where I walked in and spooked

Dawson & Wyatt Barber says:

Live coyote stands on Facebook or Ig would be sweet!

Dawson & Wyatt Barber says:

Yes! More coyote videos!

Paul Koehler says:

Just subscribed! Thanks for sharing, keeping it real and for calling out the other pompous a$$ so called "sportsman" who only use their channel to promote themselves.

Kaden Stoebe says:

Would you be able to do a video of you cyote hunting.

Hunter Hemp says:

What kinda light do you use

youtuber says:

what do you use for shaving your beard?

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