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*Sorry for the typo at the beginning. It’s suppose to say August. That’s what happens when you edit late at night lol.

On a mission to fill my first bear tag before archery Elk kicks into full swing. Tag along as I hit the highs and the lows of hunting diy mountain bears in the state of Washington.

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#bearhunting #exomountaingear

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Lor Y says:

I give every solo hunter props, esp when it come to packing the meat back. Congrats on the bear.

Thomas Brooks says:

Love the red stripe down her back. Did you ever find out from WDFW what her age was from the tooth you submitted? She was definitely an old girl!

therion s says:

Well done, Great video! Great Hunt bro .

Raul Millan says:

New subscriber, gonna make my first fall bear hunt this coming weekend. Any pointers?

4600 0UTDOORS says:

congrats on your harvest! be careful shooting towards a ridge top.

Trevor Gomez says:

Congratulations on your bear Daniel. Off to hunt mule deer and whitetail in this fresh snow tomorrow!

1fast10r says:

Wow you've seen 50 bears already I haven't even seen one

Bartolo Avila says:

Yes alot of footage but really nice thanks for the video that's cool idk but enjoyed I'm gone subscribe 👍

nathan winters says:

Cool video! Encouraging story about your friend getting his first bear too. Do you gps to find your way out in the dark?

xyoob ntoo tshiab says:

So how bear meat taste? Do it smell like lamp meat?

Outdoors with Don Ashmore says:

This is an awesome video . Never seen the actual cutting up and pack out. Thanks super cool . 👍👍👍

Tommy Lor says:

I was wondering what model rifle you have there. I was looking a 308 short barrel and saw your, I would love to buy one for myself?

Georgia Trapper says:

Great video! What do you do with all of your bear hides?

Ranger42 says:

Approximately how much did the pack out weigh?

Ger Vue says:

congratulations my friend..

JR Stewart says:

Awesome video. Nice bear. Congrats. Do you ever have any close calls w aggressive bears there?

No No says:

That's cool bro. Congrats

Troy Tucker says:

Good stuff! Congrats on the bear and on 2k subs! Appreciate your time and effort into putting these together!

Hmoob Lee says:

Great video! Congrats on the bear! Keep them videos coming bruh!

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