Maine Moose Hunt 2020

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Come along on a moose hunt with your Maine Real Estate Guide, Rick Theriault, from United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine. Great views in the area of Mt Katahdin. See more of Rick’s info at


Aurora Nite says:

Good video👍 just for those not familar with Moose hunting in Maine. Its by a Lottery, you just can’t hunt unless your number was pulled in lottery.

David Bicknell says:

volume is so low I can't hear you clearly

Nova Wyatt says:

Wow nice moose, I shoot a 8 point buck this morning, I was squirrel hunting and I saw a doe and him, so I ran up to the house and got mom and my gun and took him at 35 yards and he didn’t go 25


I woke up and walk out side to a moose last year it charged me I about shit my pants

mark robinson says:

Nice video. Moose meat is a rare treat to be enjoyed and savored.

Sue says:

Do you eat moose meat or just hunt for trophy antlers?
Just curious.

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