FULL MOON OHIO BUCK WITH A RECURVE! – Traditional Bowhunting – Season 2: Episode 015

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Harvester1867 says:

Great stuff man !

bobby green says:


Tina Mac says:

that was a really good picture of you that deer that's the best thing about your video was the picture of you in the deer

David Gonzalez says:

Dandy. Where was the shot on the deer? I hunt Knox Co and Fairfield near Perry Co. You? Good hunting

CurtDawg says:

Self filming is TOUGH.

Josh Keiter says:

Great buck man! Congrats! I shot my biggest buck to date this year on Halloween on my Athens Co. lease. I’m from Hampshire Co, WV so I’m extremely thankful to have a great spot to hunt the great bucks of Ohio. Great content. Keep it coming!



Kenneth Scott Bradford says:

How does this have 15 thumbs down? Awesome hunt man!

Tim Golder says:

Congrats man, good work out of you!

bubbadooz says:

This for me was probably the best hunting video put out by The push Team so far. I absolutely enjoyed this. I think it was the music. I was so relaxed and so interested and it wasn't filled with the same ol tree stand interview bs. Not getting a shot on camera I think showcased how tough it is to actually do what you guys are doing. Great freaking jobs guys. Way to get it done.

Glen Prentice says:

Get to the point we don't all have wi fi

Ken Carlson says:

This has really progressed into a top tier channel

Chaz Atkinson says:

I love traditional guys , no mention of pope and young scoring(not that there’s anything wrong with that) It’s more about the hunt , family etc. I love it !!

Eric Nay says:

Only one thing to say…
Ok two or more..lol
As usual the quality of these videos are Extreme…Top Notch.
Awesome Hunt

Passionate Outdoors says:

The music the music helps tell the story absolutely! Awesome video for sure Loved it dry inspirational, and great camera work btw! I’m in SE Ohio too!

Mark Miller says:

Nice work Tim!!

Ben Ellis says:

Man, I really liked the way you did this. The beautiful cinematography and cool music puts a refreshing twist on hunting videos. These days they're so full of tree stand interviews whispering the same ol same ol. Less is more. Keep it up and congrats on a stud, with a recurve!

Levi Summe says:

Tim Nebel, YOU are the man. Congrats again, buddy. You earned it

LMB says:

Had to subscribe! Better late then never! Production quality=second to NONE!

Chris Klossing says:

No footage of the shot and then you are tracking with a dog like there is a problem, but then he is right there. Congrats on the buck but poor video and content. You may want to decide if you want to shoot deer or film yourself shooting deer and then make a commitment to do one or the other. This is the first video of yours I watched, but it doesn't make me want to subscribe or see more. Maybe your other videos are better, if so my apologies!

SeasonsChange 🍂 says:

Great work, Tim! Beautiful buck and footage. Loved how you put that clip of him back in the summer in the end there

Douglas WM says:

Cool video, congrats on a great harvest.

archery only says:

Awsome ! Congratulations man

TradLife Films says:

Awesome brother, well deserved!!

Christopher Owens says:

Excellent. Can't blame you a bit for ignoring the camera to take a shot as that bruiser. The follow up was well done.

travis reges says:

Dude so awesome great last scene

Jon Simoneau says:


Archery Geek says:

Really good video and hunt! Way to get it done!!

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