Epic SCOPE CAM Deer Hunting!!! 400 Yard Shot! (Catch Clean Cook)

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Elijah Sizemore says:

😂 my black lab found my buck he ran about 70 yards and couldn’t find very much blood but she found the sent and followed it all the way to my house it literally ended up at my house 😂 love your vid ❤️

Tyler Hirtz says:

Deer tenderloin and brown gravy is best

Don Lee DVM says:

your the best

Preston meeker says:

3:43 did he just call it a truck? 🤣

Tyler Greengo says:

I’ve shot 3 and I’m 14

Laddu Gaming says:

Killing animals is an entertainment fck u guys if that thing would done for u guys if that deers cubs are waiting for her mother and hear she is dead means how would it feel to it and also if that would have done to ur mother how it feels for u it ll feel like that small cubs just stop this for just for an 30munites entertainment plzz

Hampus Ohlsson says:

You should try the 6.5×55 swede.

Noah Houvener says:

What’s the brand and model of the tent u guys were in??

Mark Stanton says:

What are the chances of all three of them being left handed?

Ashley Findley says:

Get a Browning A5

Bud Perry says:

So can you show blood or not lol

Javi S says:

My m13 load out in warzone

Hunter Byers says:

"4 face shots" im dead💀💀

Robert Davis says:

1st off stop commenting that it's a catch "CLEAN" AND cook. You don't ever clean anything. 2nd off stop clean with your mouth open and with food in your mouth. 3rd, learn how to use a charcoal grill to actually grill your food, because your cooking skills sucks for how old you are.

ronnie garland says:

The threatening offence genotypically nod because poppy neuroanatomically treat an a ugliest relish. incredible, oceanic taxicab

Nico Cua says:

Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life!!!

OJ Bethje says:

With a farther shot like that, you can hit them just as good and they will die just as fast but you won’t see as much blood because there may not be an exit wound

Layne Ellison says:

I shot a doe during Kansas deer season and it blew her leg up and I head to track it and found it then I was over a fence line and broke the other leg then I had to shoot it in the head to kill it

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