How To Clean a MOOSE

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We were using a Silver Stag “Woods and Water” Best knife on the market for cleaning wild game!

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uWsVorheeZ says:

Dude processing in california sucks. No way u clean did any of that without gloves, hairnets, beard nets, and sterilizers. Great video

mos toya says:

Not the cleanest skinning I ve ever seen. Let's blame it on the poor lighting

Oko's adventures says:

Noo way im literally an hour away from there didn't know you guys were in my neck of the woods and nice job on saying saskatchewan haha

Hawaiian Mobile says:

the moose stayed so calm through the whole video👏🏾

kato says:

From the title, I thought you're gonna give a pet moose a bath, turns out its already dead.

Daina Clark says:

I live in Saskatchewan! Where did you take this moose?

Péter Fenyves says:

finally some real hunters who hunt for the meat and not for the troffy

stormy shepherd says:

bring a steel might help@

big tugeye says:

When he was sniffing its Weiner he said this meat smells so good 😂

Chane Davis says:

This man just sharpened a knife on his window

Dru Bradley says:

All my years, I have been pulling the skin/hide from the rear towards the front… well, I just watched a video a day or three ago… pulling the hide from the front towards the rear and it was clean and fast… I commented upon my reason of why I had always been doing it the other way, way bases on being told that the front legs won't hold the weight of the animal … but after seeing the video, I was blown away. I would encourage any and everybody to look into that, I mean, the skin/hide was removed in less then 5 minutes ,and was clean of fur-spatter…. I can't wait to give it a try for myself. The video that I watched, even explained why it works even better, based on how the mid to large animals anatomy is… again, my mind was blown away… I would post the video link, but I do not want to be rude to this channel ,as I enjoy this channel as well.. But I would encourage each of you to look into it. Please note, there isn't a right or wrong way, per say, rather, I am just saying..

Kent Denny says:

I ain’t seeing a tag on it. Looking like you used a native to illegally harvest the moose

Jeong-hun Sin says:

Who else thought that this was cleaning a pet moose?

Jack Ditlove says:

Rule #1 Sharp Knife Rule #2 If knife not sharp, go and sharpen! Have been a butcher many years and you work clean and do a great job. Pleasure to see somebody work that knows what they are doing. Never done a Moose but every year do a bunch of elk. Do you pull the Brisket?

Evil Must die says:

They are just so casual about it def would take 3 times at least

Missy Skeeter says:

I live in interior Alaska. A few tips I've learned over the years: 1) use a recipricating saw to cut the shanks into 2" sections for braised Osso Buco…much better than running sinews into the grinder. 2) An Alaskan moose heart weighs 3 pounds so if you don't like heart you can add it to the grind bag for 3 more pounds of taco meat. 3) Besides the backstrap and tenderloin, you can get 4 awesome "flatiron steaks" from fileting the scapula. Hank Shaw has a good website describing how to filet those flat iron steaks. 4) The tongue weighs a couple pounds and is easy to extract from 2 slits cut under the chin. See Meateater for a video on cooking tongue : 5) Up here a moose cut up weighs 500-600 pounds which puts quite a strain on an empty freezer, so if possible distribute 150-200 pounds per freezer in 3 freezer until the meat is completely frozen. Besides Dall Sheep, moose is my favorite game meat!

C.O.G. Forevermore says:

Take him to the carwash.

George Costanza says:

Haha what the hell i watch your videos alot. Didnt think you would end up hunting And making a video Around where i live haha.

Eddie Brittain says:

offending you tube…… This is information I wish I had when I was younger. This is how we all should eat.

Hariz Eza says:

effort not to deceive results … good work bro …

Ted Style says:

You know you're sharpening that knife…but also sharpening the window…

Daradji Bouti says:

What is the type of knife Fitting for these trips ???

Agnaldo Santos says:


Jok Koul says:

this was supost to be how to clean a moose not how to cook the moose

Đoàn Quân says:

Santa wont like this !

coin and gold says:

For all you haters out there! We can do you the same way!!!!!!!

Rayne Gates says:

This will Make a good ham… A lot of hams…

TrapVibz says:

Why are there people in this world who kill innocent animals! 🙁

Connie Holthaus says:

WOW!!!! I'd give my eyeteeth for a hunk of that backstrap! Good job, sweetheart!

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