BOW HUNTING GRIZZLY BEARS! Hunter Call of the Wild Ep.11 – Kendall Gray

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Lucas Sevier says:

You don’t need a Moose call just use the white tail/ black tail all it works

Ben Payne says:

Good thing it's a video game and we can go for another one

CIZ kiwi says:

Kg should I get the knife for Christmas for the beanie hat? From your shop

John Beane says:

To get rid of the need zone sign just go ads (aim down sights)

Grant Goss says:

Great channel

Lucas Williams says:

I love this series and I watch every episode when it comes out and each one is amazing. I only wish the videos would be longer.

Jeremy Williams says:

More call of the wild

Andrew Davenport says:

KG: it sure can’t fill me

William Folds says:

Kg I’ve been watching for three years and I have the hunter call the wild I was gonna see if I can add you as a friend on Xbox

Tyler Hennigan says:

“Worse casonario pull out 30-06 put him in the son😂”

Keith Huskey says:

I laughed so hard when kg said “better make a good shot the first time on him because it’s a moose”
Also kg: “right here I’m gonna dome piece him”

Brady Davis says:

Can u make a farming simulator vid

Rylan Fitzgerald says:

Kendall said DINT GO 20 lol 😂 I don’t know y I was laughing but if you know you know

Ntg Ghost says:

Can we doth hunt pls

Lisa Muentener says:

U can change your camo

Gabriel Tracy says:

How much is the m1 in the game kg

The R3DN3CK says:

Kg it would be awesome if we could play the hunter. I play on xbox here is my name xxR3DN3CKxx2944

Melinda Hoyt says:

You should get a shot gun and hunt ducks

Ryan Brown says:

Me watching KG using 420 grain arrows on bison. 👁👄👁

Kassi Stilwell says:

Where do you live in Kentucky

thegaming _ says:

You should try ark. That is the game name. It is about an island with a lot of dinos

Carter Goodwin says:

The 300 is the best

Matthew Dom says:

I love this game love the vids more

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