GIANT 200 INCH OHIO BUCK WITH A RECURVE!! – Traditional Bowhunting- Season 2: Episode 013

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Rocky Burris says:

Dang….what a buck! Good job.

Josh Goins says:

i’m sooo happy to see that you weren’t worried about the footage. so many bad shots happen because people screw with a camera

Super Trooper says:

Why would you not get that shoulder mounted?

Gary Grauberger says:

Awesome deer man!!! Congrats, thanks for sharing!!!

David Gonzalez says:

Lucky duck to hunt that property

David Gonzalez says:

U grunted when he was on top of you? Southern Ohio?

Sam Hake says:

Can you say what county this is in? Once in a life time deer man! Congrats!

Brian Ballard says:

What a giant! Great video and I like the colors as well. Did you shoot this in a specific picture profile or color work in the edit? Either way, nice work!

E Factor Outdoors - DIY Hunting Fishing says:

Congratulations that’s what dreams are made of

Mark Hall says:

Congratulation on a buck or a lifetime, I don't blame you for not working about the shot on film. I would have done the same thing, I also appreciate the fact you got him scored on film. God bless you on future hunts.

BoneHeads Outdoors says:

congrats on a buck of a lifetime!

BoneHeads Outdoors says:

congrats on a buck of a lifetime!

MatthewWagnerNOECA says:

Simply amazing… I'm glad we have animals like that here in Ohio.

jason willis says:

Awesome buck !

petedogg369 says:

Get the mount done and do a follow up video. Would love to see the mount. Get a good taxidermist. Great buck!

Wes McElravy says:

Ok, just a question.. Why do all, you tubers call it an interview?

James Bailey says:

You don't seem very excited? That's a once in a lifetime…🤔

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