Bowhunting by Canoe – 2020 Deer Season Ep. 08

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Did a little poking around by water and found a few deer. Should I go back and hunt it again?

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Stuff I use:

∙ Tethrd Phantom & Predator Platform –
∙ Timber Ninja C1 Carbon Fiber Climbing Sticks –
∙ Bow: Bear Paradox @ 62 lbs. –
∙ Arrows: Easton Carbon Aftermath 400 –
∙ Swhacker 100 Grain Broadheads –
∙ HME Accessory Hook Belt –


∙ Sony FDR-AX53 Camcorder –
∙ Azden SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Microphone –
∙ GoPro Hero 7 Black –
∙ Action Cam Accessory Kit –
∙ Manfrotto 190 Go! Tripod –
∙ Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm 2 –

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BenTRodz TV says:

Don’t know if that’s your actual camera color for On X, but if so that’s pretty cool man, we use the same color to mark cameras lol makes it nice and easy to see if you got other pins on the map

Tim Doyal says:

I've been a viewer since the old 30-30 videos. I have really enjoyed watching your channel get better and better. Thanks for the entertainment.

Terence Hawk says:

"I'll see ya up in the tree". Catman's catchphrase!

Ol Hunter says:

Too many ads

BigMouth380cal says:

I'm pretty sure that when you departed the canoe into the "sure is thick" brush, you were crawling through Poison Ivy. Hope you're immune to P.I.

Jim Ryser says:

Seeing a Catman video is just like wearing ur favorite shoes.

Stealthtiger13 says:

I shoot squirrel pretty often with my bow in my back yard. I’ve missed hundreds of times and busted a few arrows. Worth it for some squirrel dumplings!

Fake Clappers says:

can't wait for rifle opener on monday

scott brammer says:

Man you have the coolest places to hunt. Canoe in and out of your hunting spot is awesome!

hayden swhear says:

Gotta get Catman paid so he can go full time

Craig Littler says:

True hunter!!

Jake Mitchell says:

6:40…Catman, you better drop a pin there and come back about April with your fishing pole! That little slough there just might hold a largemouth or two!

FlounderWetspot says:

Your ability to disect food sources and make moves as quick as you do has always been impressive. Keep it up man!

Anthony Cummings says:

Its refreshing to see public hunts with no harvests, shows the reality of it

Mitch Thorpe says:

Thanks for taken us along on that hunt . Good luck. See ya in the tree

TEX Fishing says:

Great vid man you will get them! 👌🏽🔥

Brenda Walden says:

At 11:25 what is that clicking sound?? I hear it often when I’m in the tree but I don’t know what it is. Thanks

Danny Newman says:

What state is this?

Bob Stewart says:

I can no longer walk in the woods and watching your videos make me feel like I'm hunting again. Your the best, thank you for helping an old man feel young again

Tanner Lamb says:

Why didn’t you do the public land challenge with THP this year?

Dan says:

What canoe are you using? Looks pretty stable and likely better than a kayak for getting gear in and out

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