Elephant crushes Big Game Hunter Theunis Botha In Africa, JUSTICE FOR NATURE

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Elephant crushes Big Game Hunter Theunis Botha In Africa
A professional big-game hunter was crushed tby an elephant that had been website said an elephant cow stormed a group headed by Theunis Botha in Zimbabwe on Friday.
The elephant was reportedly as she picked him up with her trunk, , crushing Mr Botha.
He had been leading a group of hunters near the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe
It is the same park where Cecil the Lion was an American hunter in July 2015, sparking an international outcry.
Mr Botha, 51, was a father of five from the northern Limpopo province in South Africa.

Mr Botha’s website says he began leading hunting safaris on private ranches in 1989, having previously served as a sergeant in the South African infantry.
It said he specialised in hunting lions and leopards with dogs.
His website lists various packages available to hunters in Zimbabwe, noting that animals including leopards, giraffes, buffalo and elephants could be hunted.
A Facebook tribute by Zimbabwe-based Kuronda Safaris, which worked with Mr Botha, called him “a great man with a fantastic sense of humour”.
South African media reported that Mr Botha was friends with fellow hunter Scott Van Zyl, whose remains were found in a crocodile last month.
on the banks of the Limpopo river in Zimbabwe in what was the latest in a series of


Le Monke says:

Rot in hell freak

pamtnman pamtnman says:

Sometimes Nature wins. Dangerous game is dangerous. He got his share of dead critters, and then they got their share of dead human

Rodney Johnstone Prime says:

This fucker got what he deserved! It makes it even better he used to be a police officer, double karma justice!! Hell yeah…hope his hunter buddy CJ is next!

DHS says:

In many countries it is the only way to raise money for anti poacher patrols but the namby pambys hiding in moms basement don't want to hear that. No different than managing white tail populations in the US.

Frederic Borne says:

Marvelous πŸ₯‚

heri supriadhi says:

Rest in hellπŸ‘πŸ‘

Steven Charles says:

Hope you rot in hell, you bastard!

adimo says:

At least he died doing what he loved. All you haters will die ignorant and senile soiling you diapers in a hospital.

Rian Horn says:

Theunis was a dedicated family man and also a hunter.
We had our differences – as humans.
One thing he did not 'share' with the people that made this 'justice for nature' video was utter-brutal-cruelty of not considering his family in posting these views and this video…

Luis Gabriel says:

justice done and with that it will burn for eternity in hell

The Belchers says:

We eat meat and we have to kill for that but you can’t kill an animal for fun

luisantmd says:

Go the hell fucker…good luck

Ken Brown says:

This fellow was a man's man! God rest his soul. Hunters have always been, and still are, the stewards of conservation. Shut down the hunting in Africa and the game will cease to exist. It's science. It's reality.
If you don't like it, don't hunt. You snowflakes need to open your eyes and learn a thing or two before opening your mouths and letting everyone know how ignorant you are.

1982 says:

⚰ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

AnJaLi says:

Well deserved

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