Duck Hunting in a Snow Storm (6 Man Limit)

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We have a little fun in the snow on this hunt. Ducks of all sorts were on top of our blinds all in the 15 minutes it took to get our 6 man limit!

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Tommy Gray says:

Great hunt guys. Way to call the hunt. Waiting for second hunt on that field.

Scott Bowyer says:

Guess I never heard of woodies in a dry field like that. And they were actually doing it all the way 🤫

Max Stambaugh says:

Ok ya got me a this one

JakeDump TTV says:

I say u guys today in Fargo at scheels

EM Outdoors says:

Just curious, what size choke do you guys use

David Kilroy says:

Killer hunt and footage guys can't wait till the next video. Biggest Florida fan David Kilroy.

Kurt Horn says:

Looks like a hard freeze comin, boys!

KsOutdoorSports says:

Snow smash, nothing better! Can't wait for the geese!

Maihson Brown says:

What state was this in?

Doug Spinnenweber says:

What kind of Sitka gloves do Colin and Carter wear?

Tim Tuttle says:

Do you guys hunt a lot in North Dakota? Or mainly minnesota. How would a fellow hunter get hunting with you guys?

Kris Hanus says:

I gotta tell you guys you know how to get it done. Great job

Brett Schueler says:

crusty farmer?

Matt Stunnah says:

Awesome hunt guys!

stone piper says:

how many likes on this comment for a free smackem hat

Ynge says:

Oh man, I woulda let them ducks go by and killed the geese!

Robby Bigtime says:

Great hunt! Opener in northern Indiana is Saturday for us!

fakegucci says:

now. I care for y’all Jesus Christ changed my life he will help you and transform you no matter who you are or what you do. God Bless everyone reading this and everyone you know. John 14:6, Romans 10:9, Psalms 147:3

Zach Wyse says:

Collin get some sleep man!

NHK Outdoors says:

Thats interesting that wood ducks come to fields like that. First time I've seen it.

Tomahawk Tom says:

Good job guys

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