SOLO Kayak Duck Hunting! (Public Land Success!!!)

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I finally decided to try kayak duck hunting!!! Thanks for watching!


Sarah Buffington says:

dude shoot it before you go so you know it works

Chuck Smith says:

At 8:25 them Teal bussed you from behind . What`s up with all the Hand motions . Get that boat painted Blue no good . You done good the next day .

West coast Los says:

Man get back to fishin

Turd Ferguson says:

All youtube hunters ask if they should post unsuccessful videos and i think you nailed it. Clump your unsuccessful days with some days of clapping. Awesome job my dude. Wish i could hunt ducks, ill settle for yotes, squirrel and rabbit.

Nick Anderson says:

And that's why you water swat em. Stop trying to be ethical your gonna kill it anyways

Reel Em In Fishing says:

Minimum length of water huh?😂😂

Carson Henley says:

Get urself a Remington those don’t click when u pull the trigger

Carson Henley says:

Shoot the ducks ducks in the water

Drblood67 says:

Ughh I feel for you Jon. Every single click was killing me just waiting for that thing to bang!

Jack Graff says:

I would have cried my eyes out

Matthew Key says:

Those guns are garbage, you and Bobby guy have the same issue. But both say its something other

David Mcclurkin says:

We need another vid like this it was sick

Alex Perrin says:

What state are you hunting in?

David Launderville says:

Know your regs

David Launderville says:

I’ve used plenty of water logged ammo

David Launderville says:

Probably put the bolt carrier back in wrong

Ja Sm says:

Look look Bobby he's American

DeadlyOsprey74 says:

I felt so bad watching all of those clicks. The ducks flying past in kill range was actually making me sick. Glad that the next day was a banger but still, it sucks that you had to watch them all fly past 😫

JJ's Journey says:

Dude I literally had to turn my phone away everytime ducks flew in. That's to painful to watch, I can't imagine going through that

Chase Vincent says:

That’s why you buy a stoger😂😂

Chase Vincent says:

Bro Sam is so much better😂😂

Jaceand 1 says:

That GoPro looks exactly like your camera

Midwest Hunter&Angler says:

I can relate Tuesday needless to say I should have had a limit I just messed up with my hide and didn’t realize it till it was to late. The next day did it smart and got my limit 5 teal and a wood duck

Mike Hudson says:

Should of bought a Benelli

Mobeefus Beef says:

I have a really bad feeling that If I tried something like this I’d either shoot myself in the foot or shoot the front of the kayak off. I can’t wait to see which one it will be.

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