Early morning Crossbow hunt

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I had this nice 7 point come slipping through just after daylight broke. The GoPro doesn’t gather much light so the shot footage is pretty dark. The deer was shot at 7:27am and official sun rise was 7:37. South Carolina gives you an hour before and after official sun up/down time so he was plenty legal.


Jason Yates says:

Enjoyed watching your dog track that deer. Congratulations on a nice buck!

77rviper says:

A dog like that is worth it's weight in gold!

Anthony Johnson says:

what lighted nock was you using? it was very bright, im looking for some for my crossbow.

Gary Taylor says:

I read a lot about the Excalibur micro son or the smaller christians of the Excalibur 3 7 3 50 I have a Barnett myself recruit are recurrent but I'll tell you it's nothing like that at things awesome but I'm gonna try to get my 1st one this year I wish me luck and I1 day will be out to hunt in which are

Autodidact says:

Nice video. You should learn to process them yourself. You get way better cuts.

Gary Taylor says:

Do you think that a crossbow that shoot 265fps is good enough to do the job yes or no.

Yee Haw27 says:

Nice buck bubba. Looking,to get my 1st Excalibur this year.. I plan to get the Excalibur banshee

Working Class Outdoors says:

cool!!! awesome shot… i saw your camera go off at 2:23 lol nice buck congrats again!!

Jay w4zxt says:

Nice job. What breed is your pup?

idahomike100 says:

When did you start crossbow hunting,nice buck!

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