My First Time Bear Hunting! (2 Bears Down)

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Trying something new for y’all! Hopefully you guys enjoy!!!! STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S VIDEO IT’S GOING TO BE A BANGER!


Darren Angle says:

I hate short videos and especially ones that cut off like that.

Kevin Vail says:

it's pronounced Nawthern

Joseph Abeyta Joseph Abeyta says:

Nice cliffhanger🐻🔫👍

Iah Schweich says:

i love it when you guys go to minnesota!!! (im a minnesotan)

Bray Summey says:

I live in East Tennessee and we hunt bears with dogs

Bryce Scofield says:

Another banger

CyberProductions says:

No there better be a 2nd video with it beginning with your friend killing that bear unless he couldn't legally for some reason

Jesse Knox says:

Good for you bro! Bear is my all time favorite animal to hunt. When I got my first black bear… there is nothing more thrilling. We took mine with hounds in the mountains out west. That was a lot of fun just listening to the hounds chase the bear is hauntingly beautiful

Alexander Handal says:

Why is he hanging bears in the thumbnail.😭

Johnny Vallin says:

Bear jerky is fire🔥

Scott Taylor says:

thats good stuff

Matt Phillippi says:

Never hunted bear over bait. Not even sure it's legal where I am.

Matt S S says:

I love it when you chew with your mouth open and snack your lips

Zach Fowles Golfing says:

I love for the double lenses, keep it classy 🤟🏼

xSicxTexasAim Mobile says:

I’m surprised this man hasn’t hit 1 million subscribers

John.E.ssippi Fishing says:

Dang… now I'm ready for the next one

Jeremy Guptil says:

Awesome videos but you don't have to hunt over a bait to hunt bears infact in some states its illegal keep the great content coming

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