Hunting Rabbits in Texas

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In this week’s Varminators it’s L3 Outdoors’ turn at hunting pesky critters. These rabbits are destined for the bellies of Josh’s hunting dogs. Joshua White and Jeremy Martin take to the Texan brush at night, equipped with their trusty Flir night vision and their .22 rifles. Can they reach their target of ten bunnies before the night is through?



🇬🇧 meets Texas🇺🇸 where I live.

DPS says:

My uncle never fed his ranch dogs. They hunted for their food; rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs and other varmints. They were lean and fast. He never fed his cats either. They spent time working for their food by eating the rats and mice the caught in the feed shed where barely, oats and corn were stored as well as the main barn where seed corn in 75 pound sacks were stored.

Their diets are way better than the canned and boxed crap they call dog/cat food. That stuff is processed food which is the worst thing you can feed an animal.

Classic Rock n Roll says:

what is screaming

Andrew Reynolds Hunting says:

Hunting rabbits at night with running dog and rifle. Hunting In the UK.

Samy Ismael says:

By gutting and cleaning them, you're removing much of nutrition from the rabbits when you feed them to your dogs.

Trisha Chasteen says:

A lot of people are changing their pets to a raw food diet they live longer and a few more cool things. I don't trust vets or Western medicine. I have herbal medicine for everything I even know the cure for brain tumors. I found a raw food diet for my dogs and I will not go back. My dogs had weight and skin problems.

Just so I can Fing comment says:

Why do you use a .22?…..
A pellet gun would be more than adequate and not startle and scare all the rabbits.

1975acidburn says:

I dont think its relly nunting kf your using thermals or nightvision. Kind of cheating isnt it

Abrahan Salazar says:

Where are y'all hunting?

맨발의청춘 says:

우리는 가끔 실수로 사람을 쏘기도 한다는군요..오늘 뉴스에도 나왔습니다.
총에맞는 재수없는 날이 없는 즐거운 사냥을 위하여…..

bakani baleni says:

Where is Ian ? he does a better job than you guys. this video is boring without him.

madmick82 says:

I feed my dogs raw kangaroo meat and they are healthy as..

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