The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing with the Ruger Precision .22

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There’s no rest for the wicked as Stuart Wilson’s out in the field again with his Ruger .22 – and a centrefire to boot. Now familiar with his new box seat, he camps out for a vigil where rabbit, roe or fox might come his way – but it’s the diminutive crop-chewing pests that appear in the greatest numbers, so Stuart sets to work with the rimfire…


VisualDrizzle says:

was that a .22 or .17 HMR?????

Edwin McNew says:

Great shooting! Loved the video!

Arvin's hunting and fishing outdoor's says:

Wow, great shooter and so many rabbits. I hunt in Canada Ontario and the most seen rabbit is only one. You are lucky to be a place that you can find so many rabbits. Thanks for a good video

Lois Weed says:

A lot of good eating

1080sucks says:

Those 42 grainers hit hard. I have used the high velocity. Lots of one shot kills.

Cody Knight says:

Plenty to eat my dude

thespoonterer says:

I have exactly the same set up. But mine is .22lr. Im not sure whether you are shooting .17hmr or .22lr??

Arts and Craftsman LLC says:

How many hoops does a brit have to go through to kill something with anything other than an air rifle? Just asking ?

Norton Martins says:

5:02 sequence of lulz

Steve Thompson says:

Nice shooting! Just subscribed to your channel.

Scott Robinson says:

visit me at:

Szymolo Manolo says:

You killed many animals

Stephen McNiven says:

Where is Mat? I like watching him.

Mick Martin says:

Good stuff boys!

Bertram Oredroc says:

Excellent shooting and removing a nice total of rabbits.

Peter Bentley says:

Great stuff enjoyed every aspect of your video got right in to it and it ended……longer videos please would be great ….

lensman57 says:

Superb enterprise in a target rich enviroment. Job well done.

•-•Gacha potato•-• says:

Great video footage fantastic shooting that keeps thee rabbit 🐇 clans under control some watching in from Ireland.👍

Reg Sparkes says:

So, were you actually using a .22 LR or 17 HMR Ruger RPR, as it showed that it was a 17 there at the 2:48 mark? Either way, that's good shooting Stuart.
They ( the bunnies I mean ) make a nice 'pop' when you hit them, don't they? I could watch more of this, i.e. lengthier video time.

Bill House says:

What Can I Say. Slow An Study. Wins The Race. Except If Your A 🐇. 😆. 😆.
Remember Safety First. ✌. OUT.

Linford Gardener says:

Great footage & nice shooting 🐇🐇 says:


it's a bit frosty says:

A good rabbit session there, when i use to go lamping on the game keepers land on the aston lanes you could some times bag a 100 plus rabbits, no lie you couldn't load your magazines fast enough, and you would more often than not get a fox or 2 aswel especially if got a couple of rabbit's squeaking, i luv that scope ive still not had the chance to look through one me self yet, another great show anyway an looking forward to the next one

M.K. Chase says:

Lol… love this chap, patient and methodical, but for God's sake fella, get yourself a good night's sleep. Lol, this is what happens when night shooting gets a grip of you.🥴

marksandsparks1 says:

03:42 breakdance?

Fernando Takeshi Sato says:

pardon my ignorance, but isn't shooting the foxes counter productive as far as rabbit control go?

Rural Pest Control Whitwell says:

love shooting rabbits, should maybe get in that box after dark with night vision.

Notts Pest Control says:

Great rabbiting with the X-Sight 4K. I love mine on my FX Impact it’s a fantastic help for making YouTube videos

Luker mc says:

General licence 2500 for rabbits coming soon from packham and his bell ends

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