Grizzly and Black Bear Hunting in Alaska – Cutting it Close!

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The fog and rain has now lifted, Ian Harford and Steve Wild head back into the wild for some grizzly and black bear hunting in Alaska. this adventure certainly will be cutting it close!

Welcome to Hunting in Alaska – Episode six.

Although the poor weather conditions had halted Ian and Steve’s hunting plans. They were able to spend some time glassing the Alaskan wilderness. During this time they were able to spot some impressive game, (click the link to watch now –

The fog and rain has now lifted, Ian and Steve head back into the wild. However, the game that they saw the day before has now moved on. So, before they head out the team need to assess the area and decide on a plan.

The team choose to go further into the surrounding area and explore some new ground. Continuing on a trail that they formed in episode three, the route is still tough as they search for berry patches that indicate signs of brown bear activity.

They spot two bears in the distance and decide on the best plan of action. The terrain that the team must overcome to gain a better position is very challenging.

Amazingly at the top of the ridge they spot the bear and notice it has covered a lot of ground and is heading in the teams direction.

They continue until reaching a new location, still on the trail of the brown bear. After Steve sets up his rifle, he takes up the role of lookout as Ian prepares his rifle in case a back up shot is needed.

Unfortunately, the bear spots the team and heads off back into the mountains for safety.

However, the excitement isn’t over yet. Later that night there is an unexpected visitor right next to camp. Is this the moment they have been waiting for?

Next time on Hunting in Alaska, Ian and Steve take on an epic grizzly bear hunt.

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dickkouz says:

Whoever made this video, killing animals – you are not humans, I would nor hesitate to sent you to serve life time

pete ocean says:

ClasSick! respect from ARIZONA.

kellybrindle30 says:

There was a bear next to Steve like 21 meters

R G says:

Not really a shooter bear.

ByTheSPiRiTs says:

one of the best youtube moments in hunting that I've ever seen. That bear was like: nope!

rbagrizzly says:

Great Shot Ian!!

Dreispross says:

The moment at 6:30 😂😬👍 lucky guys

roe stalker says:

Fancy taking your eye off the ball. I don't know

buggeroff says:

Why show the same sequence twice ? You repeated the bear running away twice in an identical manner .

Muhammad Emara 3755 says:

I'm a big fan of yours have been for a couple of years and will be for many to come; yet I can't see the point in bagging a predator.

Jason Doyle says:

Great shot from sticks. Well done.

delboy says:

need to change your aftershave lads that bear was off like a shot lol

موسى ابن العراق says:

مغامره جميله

Dhepp v says:

its amazing

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