Moose Hunter Taking Shrapnel From Multiple Shots

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I just found this email sent a while back, what a story, had to share !
Hunt knowledge on , go get it !


Patrick Noury says:

Totaly illegal to hunt from a Road in Quebec. F… that lazy hunter… and from a tripod?!! pussy

displaced Okie says:

In the early '70's I was hunting Blacktails in the coastal range of Northern Cal. I had scouted an area that was not really big, but had lots of browse and several active deer trails in and out. Lots of cover to shield movement, and there was an opposing ridge that offered good cover for deer to lay up in after feeding. I built a rifle pit and took some dead fall limbs to finish a quick blind.
Moonrise was about an hour before sunrise, so the morning hunt should be good. I was in my makeshift blind an hour before daylight, hour and a half before shooting time.
It was just coming daylight when I heard another hunter moving in on my 3 o'clock, about 30 -40 yds off. He continued down and to my right and out of hearing. Later, for a while, I thought I could hear snoring below, maybe about 30-40 yards below, on my 6 0'clock.
Just sfter sunup I saw a deer stand up on the opposite ridge, about 200 – 225 yds. out. It had been bedded in the short chamisa and manzanita. I took a look through my scope and saw a nice 3×3 rack. Taking aim while still in the seated position, I squeezed one off. The buck dropped, and two other bucks left in high gear, as a bloodcurdling scream pierced the air at the same time.
The other hunter had moved in below me and had, in fact, gone to sleep. He stood up, looking for me. When I waved a hand, he yelled, "What the 'F' are you shooting at??"
I replied calmly, "I wasn't shooting AT anything, I SHOT a buck."
"You were too close to me!!" he yelled.
"Naw" I replied, "It was just right. That buck thought all your snorin', and snortin' was competition for his does, and he stood up for me to put him out of his misery."
"Besides", I continued, "I was here first. I watched you stumble in about an hour after I got here, and heard you snorin' and gaspin', I was afraid you'd scare all the deer off, but I reckon i have you to thank for that buck."
He wouldn't even help me drag the buck out to the trail.

mihajlo525 says:

Why didn't he take the moose? Snap pics of the license plate, shell casings, and his tripod. If the old geezer has a problem he can go fuck himself in jail. I would've taken his moose then reported his ass anyways. That is if I had the decency to not beat the old bastard within an inch of his life.


If that was my son the cops would find an unfortunate quad rider who broke his neck when he fell off his quad

Leland Holton says:

Old man would’ve been beat to shit and burned his 4 wheeler to the ground. Moose would’ve been packed out before the old man knew what happened.

Ray Rowley says:

Just so were clear if you shoot at me I shoot back.

eugene Morrill says:

Any activity we participate in has it's share of idiots. Sad -to-say they give us all a black eye.

Mark says:

I seen hunters that got shoot when they remover the orange to drop a brown seed on a hole..they would shoot at anything that moves..this was on the Canada line..when we talked to the GW he said 3 died in that zone the year before..

Brad 5150 says:

Wear orange dummy

Peter Eddinger says:

In Pennsylvania during big game season, fluorescent orange is the law. Now this hunter knows why. You may or may not like this law but I know if your options are orange or death, orange wins every time.

pquic says:

knowing exactly what you're shooting at is a lot better that just hoping what ever you shot at is legal to shoot 😀

Bandit Quest says:

This guy SHOULD have been wearing orange. How can he expect other hunters to know where he is when he is completely hidden with camo.

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