Kentucky Deer Hunting 2016 – Two Big Buck Down

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Chad Fisher and Jesse Weaver head to western Kentucky after some Blue Grass Whitetails. They have several bucks on the hit-list for the 2016 season. With the rut in full swing the monarch of the farm is on his feet. Watch how their week plays out.


Anything And Everything Outdoors says:

Wow great deer, congratulations!!

Billy Adams says:

Love those white socks nice buck .

Abe The babe says:

That first buck had a very big body on em

bownutz76 says:

Must have been dudes first buck ever. Narrating is horrible


Very nice shot on the 2nd buck. He was fixing to be next years deer.

John Fennelly says:

My Grandpa hunted in Kentucky when whitetail deer were protected mostly birds, Love to hunt there now. Never had a chance to hunt there. Nice video and hunt!

Tye Burleigh says:

First buck was 2 1/2 for sure. Quartering to shot is a terrible archery shot on a buck.

Wes Chaffin says:

Great video, but one of you definitely need a safety harness. Seriously. Be safe man. None of that is worth you falling….

J M says:

safety harnesses are cheap…ER visits are not. Stay safe guys!

Hooligan Mx says:

Looking beyond no harnesses tho awesome awesome footage guys keep up the good work congrats again on to beautiful mature white tails

Hooligan Mx says:

Awesome video guys congrats on the bucks but fellas SAFETY HARNESSES!!!!! NO buck in the world is worth you life or the rest of your life in a wheelchair

Stephen Duke says:

Cameraman having a heart attack? I probably would as well, Nice buck.

Terry Miller Outdoors says:

Congrats on 2 nice bucks!

Wicked Outdoor Adventures says:

I miss hunting in Ohio (Adams County)
Awesome Channel Intro ! New Subscriber here and I "Hit" the "Like" Button too….
Love videos like yours that show the passion and daily grind of Tubers – Keep up the good work and check out my channel and latest videos too.
Thanks & Tight Lines, USCG Captain Scott Manning, US Army – Veteran

byrd0036 says:

Where's the hunter orange at since your hunting during gun season?

J. Voss says:

Great hunting and great video but hard for me to watch without those safety harnesses! Strap on fellas and keep hunting! Good job!

Jon St. says:

That buck had white back feet.

J Lud says:

Great video! Now that's hunting! Congrats on a couple Bluegrass bucks

FishEyeGuy Outdoors says:

I don’t get the fun in this really. I like to do my own scouting and run my own trail cameras. I don’t want someone doing it for me. That takes out half the fun for me anyway. I hunt public and private land in Kentucky, and I’ve always had just as good of a time scouting as I have hunting.

Michael Goga says:

The second guy seriously had one foot hanging off the platform while leaning forward on to another tree with no safety harness on.

Michael Agne says:

The footage is nice but the audio is tough to understand at times.

Brett Gengler says:

On the second deer "good shot" um no you shot it in the neck. Congrats on both bucks though.

J Wayno says:

Camera man got busted on that second buck he def caught your scent but he was close

Allen Spicer says:

good video. dump
the music

Buckeye_76 says:

7:45 pretty sure the deer heard the cameraman breathing.

phil mcfaddin says:

Good bucks I am in eastern KY in Johnson county. I hope to shoot one like yours/

Joe Roth says:

I’m watching this video thinking I’m going to say something about you guys not wearing safety harnesses, but obviously I’m not the only one that thinks that. Good hunts by some regular guys, but seriously wear a harness.

connie turner says:

Mine name is Adam where about in ky are u hunting out

Jared Barker says:

Awesome hunts and bucks! Enjoyed the video! But guys…. SAFETY HARNESS!!! Not worth your life. You never know what can happen. Good luck this year!

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