September Calls – Archery Elk Hunting Bull Elk in Montana

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*WATCH IN 1080p HD*

Hunting with a stick and string in your hand is one thing. But taking that stick and string and targeting only a select few animals makes it that much harder. Watch this film as Ty pursues a mature bull elk during the archery season in Montana.

Edited by: Ty Martin

Film Crew: Jace VavRosky, Easton Enott, Mitch Romig


La says:

poor animals, what have they done to you? it’s very cruel and yes, you are very poor people, if you get the pleasure taking life living creature

Bob Legasa says:

Awesome Job, Nice video and editing work.

Glen Drexler says:

Why did you cut the video right before the arrow hit the elk????

Backcountry Addiction says:

Sweet gut shot !!

R Smitdog says:

Good job, but how come you didn't show the kill shot?

Muleskinner says:

another gut shot, seen this before, spent too much time in collage ……

Clinical Outdoors says:

I'm all about elk hunting I cant get enough

Adam Black says:

Hey, we've got a big buffalo hunt in November and I'd like to make a really nice video. Any tips on good video production equipment for hunts?

Freshwater Finatic says:

Hey Ty – nicely done on the hunt and the video production! The story of the hunt was great but I'm mostly impressed with how much footage you got of mature bulls as close range! I'm planning my first trip to Montana to hunt elk for 10 days starting september 6th with my brother. Stoked!

Paul Ciemiega says:

… hard work and passion … congrats … see you in the field.

VICSKIM949 says:

Bruh….. Why did you fade the shot out to black!?

Steve Shelley says:

This is a private land hunt on or near a spectacular ranch.

Junior E. says:

Beautiful bull!!! Love the video.. keep em’ coming and congrats!


Great video

jaron_to_the_dansie says:

That's some pretty incredible footage man!! Spectacular!

samuel rogers says:

Great Film and Great Bull!

Jacob Villasenor says:

Good job on the films guys. Just purely out of interest do you guys hunt private or public. Impressive stuff either way! Keep up the good work.

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