Lion hunting teaser video in South Africa with Limcroma Safaris

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Lion hunting video with Limcroma Safaris, hunting in South Africa.

This teaser video highlights a recent lion hunting safari including some close encounters on foot while tracking lions. The video showcases some scenic aspects of the hunt.

Melcom Van Staden Productions specializes in video productions in the African hunting industry. After a successful lion hunt, we continued hunting some plains game species not typically found in other regions of the country, including southern roan antelope which is the second largest antelope in Africa, Hartman’s zebra with its beautiful colors, thin pin stripes and dewlap as well as nyala and red lechwe.

African hunting videos have become increasingly popular and what better way to share and showcase a big five hunt than with a video teaser to get any hunters’ blood running! We hope you enjoy this lion hunting video teaser.

© Melcom Van Staden Productions

South Africa’s premier hunting videographer.


Oğuz Han says:

Son of a bitches.

aromal s says:

Shame on south afican government and peoples…
Did you seeing this…

aromal s says:

Endangered animals… sun of bitches don't kill these royal animals…
Government and other organisation are allowing these fucking games…

Daniel Mismito says:

Covardia sem tamanho idiotas.

Mad Ben says:

تردون عيش وحدكم ومذا تقتلون ماهو جميل ومميز يالكم من قتلا

santosh bhore says:

Why, you have a rights to kill any animals. Live and let live.

Bns Hari says:

These guys r World's useless & cruel animals

A H Khan says:

Very bad picturized video.

Pap Dama says:

I still don’t get it why this people come to are African continent shoot and killed are Beautiful Animals this get to stop 🛑 Right now.secondly it’s really bad to r economy.why they don’t doing it to there aunt country’s.they know that in Europe or America if shot a pigeon you to prison for that . So your not even crazy 😜 to shoot a lion 🦁 Africain woke up and the better Respect and love to are beautiful Lions 🦁 and lionesses and all or-the Animals we can think Much better than killing them for just a little Money 💵 stop 🛑 this now hunting is fucking been banned for good now In Africa.🤔🤔🤔 Don’t brings your fuckin weapons in to Africa to test them to are Beautiful Animals test them to your aunt country but not in here Anymore…

Jay Bharat says:

both of them should be in jail…please some one put them in jail

Lacey Sherrie says:

Words fail me 🙁

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