Nerf Blasters Edition | Dude Perfect

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Trick Shots: Nerf style.
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Music: Ground Zero by Byron “Mr Talkbox” Chambers
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Gnanamani Vijayendra says:

2020 anyone?

umaruchan says:

this is nostalgic.

troll winter123 says:

Who is in 2020

ΟctoΩ says:

First Dude Perfect video I watched, brings back memories

Alec Geis says:

My first DP video

Reed Elo says:

arguably the best song they've ever used for a video.

envvyy says:

This was the first dude perfect video I watched.

Usha Veda says:

My favorite shot is flip ,n, dip

rezbonez1 says:

Its funny how garret in the backyard trickshot edition, fell off the bench thing. But in this one, he was the last one standing on the trampoline

Otto Sandgreen says:

panda ambush

Ghost Spike says:

The first shot is the best

Dan Jenkins says:

panda ambush


Like for Panda face reveal

Junayed Nahid says:

I like panda AMBUSH

Zombie Slayer Dyess says:

jeeze so long ago

Sarah Roper says:

Panda ambush

steer rider44 says:

Silent splash

H TIZ says:

Dude I used to watch this so much when I was little

Tyler Randall says:


Joe duhwhitekid says:

Fist vid I watched now I'm hooked

neha pawan says:

Panda ambush

Emojimatt says:

Time flies fast

Daniele Priolo says:

this was the video with which I met the dude perfect

Nathan Griffith says:

garrett with hair looks so wierd now

FaZe draganov says:

Anybody 2020?

william nordgren says:

i remember watching this like 5 times in one day when i was young

James Lee says:

Who is panda

Rupinder Kaur says:

I love your vids

SS Gamer says:

Any one 2021

Elias heim-kelly says:

the twins are bots

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