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Brian Call: Gritty says:

What is your dream hunt? Moose, Goat, sheep, or… what?

Rick Audis says:

Great stuff 👍

Alan Behnke says:

You guys are the most intense hunters I have seen. First video I watched was a mule deer hunt in Colorado. Packed a inflatable kayak. Crossed a river went up almost vertical mountain. Glassed for hours then harvested a beautiful buck. I've only watched two of your videos so far but want to see all of them. Great job

Troy Westerbur says:

I love these guys. They are to funny. I would love to go on a hunt with them.

Mtn Physio says:

Great video Gritty! Looks like some wicked country.

Andrew Shuler says:

So good!! Loved it at the Portland movie night! Really makes me want to go hunt a moose with them!

Swinging Southpaw Style says:

Great video Sir.
New subscriber too.
Welcome to Canada my friend.
I’m an East Coaster, hunting and fishing are in the blood here.
Keep up the great work.

Limitless Horizon says:

Too many dreams not enough time

Patrick Chavez says:

Brian I see your running a Kifaru pack on this hunt. Witch one? And how would you rate there packs as far as durability?

Conner Lamphier says:

Your films you put together are beautiful and speak to a certain group of people without words. They are powerful and moving. Its more then a hunt! Awesome job

BCP farm and trucking says:

Best hunting video I've seen 👍. I would of shit my pants after seeing what the grizzly did to that moose. Awesome hunt!

Wyatt Carter says:

Has the winner been announced?

SheerWill Survival says:

Australians with no guns big surprise there and the dogs just bear snack 😁

Wildland Outdoors says:

Another beautiful film, Brian! Congratulations on an amazing hunt!

Art Heck says:

Great video. Great photography

leonidas says:

Reminds me of the once in a lifetime moose hunt I went on with my Dad.

Dream North Team - eXp Realty says:

Brian, your production is really amazing .. that was great all the characters on your hunt make it what it is, keep it up..

Cody Chadburn says:

And Adam says Cam has pearly whites

Thomas Hash says:

Great production Brian! I hope that all is well in your world. I have been trying my best to spend more time with my family and in the mountains the past few weeks, instead of watching your awesome material!

Kurtis Busic says:

great work!!!

RJs Outdoors says:

Great video! Awesome camera work. In the market for an inreach, it would be perfect timing!

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