Whitetail Deer Hunting – Illinois Public Land Bow Hunt

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Jacob set a goal to kill a good public land buck with his bow and he did just that! He was relentless with post season, summer, and in-season scouting missions. It finally all came together for him on a fine mature Illinois public land buck!

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MADHUNTS Adventures says:

Awesome buck and awesome recovery! I agree with Trey Miller- love the prayer!

Raymond Ellis says:

Congrats. Shots that are off happen. As Burt Reynolds said Buck Yeager it’s real and have had the same shots happen to myself over the last fourth years. I find that the deer don’t go far if left alone and just do a grid search and finding them was not super difficult.

Dana B says:

"Cool" we just murdered.

Shirley Young says:

watched this with ear buds. that bow has got to be one of the loudest on the market. Congrats on doing everything right after the shot.

Electrician TM says:

poor animal

Erik Flores says:

Happy for you man

McIver92589 says:

Do you have a contact for the tracker ??

Todd Crenshaw says:

your bow is a little noisy. like the video

Von Adkins says:

Love the hunt, love the dog work, love the prayer! God bless you all in all your future hunting adventures!!!

Ridge Raised Outdoors says:

Awesome job and love the praying! Gotta always give God the glory! Same exact thing happened to my dads buck this year! Crazy, no blood but same thing didn't run too far, just can't push them!

Dutch1722 says:

What county are you in?

George-019 says:

Hit a gut shot yesterday wasn’t fun finding it

Richard Webb says:

Jacob plans to use ground-up deer hooves to treat his serious erectile dysfunction – good luck!

TopwaterblZt 247 says:

I love when guys say shot looked a
Little back hahaha . Bad shots happen

Jay_Miller says:

That's great. The dog knows the routine

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