Thermal Texas Hog Hunting! (CATCH CLEAN COOK)

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Ultimate Night Vision:

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Went down to Texas for the first time to hunt some hogs! Hopefully you guys enjoy!


Ultimate Night Vision says:

Great hunt! Y’all are welcome back anytime. That meal you cooked up looked like 🔥🔥

Peyton Foreman says:

best video yet!

Badback60 says:

I’d like to you cook up wild hog bacon wrapped around walleye fillets.

Zac Wood says:

Need some farm fresh eggs in it to make a hash

Keagan Kephart says:

You must have really bad luck because in Texas there is hogs everywhere

Dz Outdoors says:

You should have put ranch and cheese that’s what I do when we cook deer taters and onions

Keagan Kephart says:

Were in Texas are y’all

myc auom says:

wild hog tastes so good.

Dirty Jersey says:

Another killer video boys. Would be cool to see a multi species catch and cook. See how many animals you guys can get in a matter of days. Then do a big cook-off with everything you got.

PhatBasses.TV says:

Shoulda hit me up in Wichita slay daddy

Boyden Ewing says:

He complains about no kitchen in the hotel room….was the plan to do a catch and cook in the hotel room??!

Megan McCheyne says:

Bonz home alone making cookies 🤣😩😂

Whitetail and more outdoors says:

You should make a trip over to MN to come fishing and hunting. We have a YT channel that is for hunting and fishing! #Smalltownhunters

kane Kesterton says:

Dayum u like airing me on insta😂😂😂😂😂

CMF Outdoors says:

Bonzo is a beast 😎

Kenny Thao says:

That’s the best meat I put in my mouth🤣🤣🤣

A few more months until I’m officially out of high school! Can’t wait to get out so I can start living life like this!

Austin Young says:

Bro! Nice hunt my guys! Keep the videos up man

Mrdreams DCT says:

Damn that’s looks good af lol 😂 FIRE 🔥

Cole McPherson says:

nobody :

Sam when he gets the domeski: Kum and go

Robb King says:

10 outa 10 on the video bro,… you and Jon are getting alot better at this and it shows.

Mark says:

Your buddies are pussies for not trying that lol. Love the vid bro

Shamie Lutc says:

Good hunt ,nice food

Mike Provenzano says:

Please where a seatbelt for your own safety please

Freddy Barilla says:


The JVarela3 says:

Hey man whenever you come or plan to come to Houston just message me on IG:JoaquinVarela3 and we can run some dogs and catch hogs.

Ty Winngton says:

U lucky bro ur dark u get no warning haha 😂

Thejuancarl says:

The real minndak bros 😎

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