Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

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Pickup ballers. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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EPL Hydro Cryptor says:

My bad should be IM BAD

kryptexgamer says:

I am a rage monster

Camille Avery says:

i am here in 2020

MR luka says:

Who watch 2020 like comment

Chihuahua Films says:

It’s so sad the old guy passed away, when he made the shot and yelled “alright!” It made my day.

Kamal Raj Batra says:

Make a video on Indian food

That will be something different

Abrahim 909 says:

I’m definitely the my bad guy ._.

Brady Crunch says:

0:35 me in every sport

Elijah Neil says:

It all began with the most common stereotype

mr excuses

Orange & Carrot says:

Not mr excuses it should be…

Mr lier

Claps ツ says:

why are people saying rip kobe

Narasima Ruga Antara says:

why wont one of you would wear the kobe shirt

Dashing Mortis says:

5:03 Me I'm that dude

Kasmi Kassim says:

AKA the old guy

Joe Mampallil says:


Not Rothman says:

tbh im the my bad guy xd

holly garcia says:

Soccer stereotypes❤️⚽️🥅

Hi I’m Ben says:

Never seen Ty without his beard

nabey1 says:

Beardless Tyler looks a bit like actor James Roday from Psych….

Rizalyn Pacba says:

0:04 Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Oli Scoots says:

One of the stereotypes should be weird jump shot

NotFaZe Clan says:

R.I.P Everyone that has pased. For example kobe,Juice WRLD,XXXTENTACION,LIL PEEP

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