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here’s a sneak peak of me and my good buddy, Kevin Blake Weldon, out at the 2016 Shot show in Las Vegas, Nevada! go to his website and check out some of his hilarious hunting songs!!!


Keith Olson says:

awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nathalie Leon says:


Brian Leonard says:

I thought the hunting song was funny. Rob you always know how to entertain us thank you and God Bless.

Born 100 Years Too Late says:

That was good!

Ethan Ringo says:

Keep them videos coming and I'll keep liking them.

Nappy Vids says:

Tree hugging girl. Lol ROLL TIDE

James Walsh says:

I am over here on the opposite coast from y'all. love the vids.

please do not bend to the pressure of what someone else thinks you should be.

y'all are gonna be great parents.

Mike Orth says:

Very good we all need some of this.

Chad Bischof says:

That's awesome! I was wondering why I haven't seen you guys at Publix! Have fun and be safe!

john barnes says:

that was perrrty funny… right there 🙂

Bobby says:

classic!!! that was a perfect end cap for the night. 2 👍👍up.

Mitchell Koser says:

Hey, just a quick question. What goda grip do you recommend for my shotgun. I don't need one to raise my cheek up and make looking straight down the barrel hard but I need one to help cushion my cheek when shooting 3.5 inch shells because they put out a wallop. Thx for your time and reading!

love 11ls says:

where is my tasty Tuesday

Andrew Shamburger says:

Well thanks for the video now I kno where you get your astounding gear.

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