Dude Perfect + Dale Earnhardt Jr Driving Stereotypes BONUS Video

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Dude Perfect Trick Shots: Untold Stories is NOW AVAILABLE! Click here for EXCLUSIVE DP content: http://bit.ly/DudePerfectUntoldStories

. The Dudes describe everyone you meet on the road in hilarious fashion – with help from NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr.!

SEE the full video here! http://bit.ly/1Jd0Ts2

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Whistle says:

Check out Dude Perfect: Untold Stories, their new behind the scenes video including never-before-revealed DP secrets! http://bit.ly/DPUntoldStories

Jayden Alvarez says:


Tyler says dammit

Good comedy 65 says:

The forgetful blinker is totally my dad my mom has to yell at him

SPCIndianapolis3388 Indiana says:

Dude Perfect should do Water Park Stereotypes with the SpringCasters

Awesome fishy says:

That one youtuber who steal other vids is to get popular

Harrison Widdowson says:

She was playing with the dog

SKR11 Studios says:

:15 three TVs NANI

Andy De Los Santos says:

Lol anyone know the song @0:42

Crystalfury X says:


Cameron McLaughlin says:

What’s the song when Cody and his dad are in the truck

Side Draft says:

Dude Perfect: destroys car
Me Beast: are you challenging me

Carson - Roblox and more says:

2:40 blaster Tron music from skylanders trap team!

Justin Degroat says:

I was happy when new mexico was said i live there.

adrian gutierrez says:

@0.45wat song

Ryan Mullin says:

Forgetful blinker should have made the real vid

Oakley and Grady says:

3:19 Tyler says d word

Oakley and Grady says:

2:17 Tyler says d word


2:17 did anyone else hear “DAMMIT”

Jason Cornell says:

Love those bonus videos

Maggiemcmaggie says:

Hi 👋 love your videos

Jason Rinehart says:

And I thought Mr Beast knows how to destroy a car

FaZe HammsterWolf says:

The blinker one I like

Abigail F. says:

3:19 hmmmm….. is that guy’s name Dan or……?

Jonathan Bradshaw says:

Coby was in the back all by himself

Itz ya boi skittles says:

Melon what?

melissa newman says:


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