Hunting for spooky GHOSTS in Roblox!

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It’s the KREW Busters! We’re here to hunt all the ghosts!
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faith gacha and Stephanie gacha says:

I love ghost busters when I was a kid🙂💖

Khian Umali says:

You knows what my ghost team?

Fart busters


Btw I'm not a ghost hunter so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

「 Callmehcas 」 says:

I am a random comment 🥳😛😀😃😄😇🥺😎😎😎😎🤪🤪🤪

dismeilan batista says:

Gonzalo si I like blue blue blue blue funny kid car green blue funny have a hair real I like Drago color of funny cake I like more of falling cake I like I like I have a funny cake

Ms. Uniorn says:

me pro at that game you noobs

Riley Massenburg says:

so leave the game

Xtreme gaming says:

I have every vaccum in this game

Cakes Candy says:

I have the chroma vacuum

Notadam 11 says:

When someone said Adam u suck I was offended cuz my name adam

Gilbert Enriquez says:

Here's 1 Code

Matas Samoska says:

ILL EAT YOU furnchifurai

Antonio Pelayo says:

Can you guys do more of this?

Matas Samoska says:

hey funneh your the best

Justin says:

You should be the Krew Busters (like if u think so)

XxHoney BunnyxX says:

wwhats the games name

Highwithskills Ofcourse says:

you can vacoom a gost

Elias Toucourt says:

i think moto moto likes funneh

Meow Meow says:

the code is did not work is be couse i play in 2019 december

aeriel Johnson says:


Sarah Bird says:

The second guy really hates the Krew but the fans will fight back!!!!

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