Crossbow Maintenance Hunting Tech Tip

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This is a video in which Lancaster Archery Supply runs down basic maintenance for crossbows used for hunting or target shooting.


Bryan Yu says:

Why didn’t you show us how to maintain a recurve crossbow? You’re just showing on how to maintain compound bows.

Penny 4life says:

Should I be taking my string on and off my recurve crossbow after every use like my recurve bow?

Wise Warrior's Path says:

so…. we talking about crossbows or compound crossbows? I see compounds. How they sure made things cost a good amount of money lol.

Аленка Левицкая says:

Very easy to assemble>>> If you are mechanically inclined you can figure it out from the pictures. Only complaints are the red open sticker was cut and had a second placed on top and bolts are cheap. Pretty accurate right out of the box. I waxed strings and cams before i used it and i lubed the slide and cams after i cocked it as well. Cocking was a breeze. Shoots pretty quiet as well

Stephen Jones says:

i would like to see a video on trigger and safety maintenance eg= cleaning and lubing please

Ciro Alpha Lyon says:

great video , thanks

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