Gym Stereotypes

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Please re-rack your weights after use.

HUGE thanks to Pac Fitness (Prosper) and Tom Muehlenbeck Center (Plano) for letting us be these annoying people in your gym!

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F0rtn1t3 G0d_1 says:

The creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner

Kyle Lee says:

1:19 that’s wired.

Robotic Gaming says:

Cody voice cracked hard

Sammy Hill says:

Gus hill wyatt Walters

Cara Hayes says:

I'm the creeping guy in the corner knawing On a pickle.Not kidding I asked for a jar of pickles for Christmas.🎄

JamesthekinggamerXD says:

The sledgehammer disappeared 3:07

JP Chauvin says:

3:07 where'd the hammer go? lol

YOUTUBE the ,monster drawer says:

I like the singer what does the fox say

Trey Terry says:

253 what a rage 👹

Ants Americana says:

Pretty sure pickle guy is very much a real thing

baba Bart Connor says:

Last stereotype:mr. no shoes

7maid m7airbi says:

This was the best video I ever seen it is so funny 😂

icegamer says:

Who ells is watching in 2019

databbs says:

How do you fix the stuff during rage monster

Burgerswag 1375 says:

I’m gallon of water guy and treadmill sprinter.

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