This Was Unexpected… | Public Land Solo Kayak Duck Hunt

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I got off work early and decided to post up on a lake point to see if there are any ducks in the area. I took my Old Town Topwater 120 out and used Red Head Kayak Blind with some brand new Final Approach Whoop Grass. The kayak looks great. I was very surprised with what happened on this hunt!

Hearing protection:
My Kayak:
My Canoe:
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Hunting Gear:
A-Frame Blind:
Rogers Backpack:
Goose Call:
Duck Call:
Sitka Duck Oven:
Sitka Zip Tee:
Blind Bag:
Layout Blind:
Goose Flag:
Hand Muff:
Game Tote:
Decoy Gloves:
Lucky Ducks:
Duck Decoys:
Decoy Rigs:
Winchester SX4 12 ga
Choke Tubes:
3 inch 2 or 4 shot for ducks
3 or 3 1/2 inch BB for geese

Canon 80D DSLR:
Nikon D3200 DSLR-
Nikon D5200 DSLR-
Cheap GoPro-
GoPro Hero 3 white-
GoPro Hero 5 Black-
GoPro microphone adapter-
GoPro microphone-
Big camera microphone-
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Mikey Hebert says:

How much did you boat cover cost?

Kayden Boatman says:

I had that happen on a hunt last night, just got a green head, but the others didn't like the decoys for some reason. We should get on a hunt here in southern kansas.

Allen Wilson says:

You put the quack down on him 🦆 🤣

Chad Fort says:

But a Dodge Ram bro 👍 it's cold here where I'm at got to wait for a south wind, lots of river ducks in the area not sure if I want to put my boat in the water due to almost cold temperatures don't want the wind chill driving home to freeze my motor I got some walleye fishing to do in the spring LOL

Jake Brown says:

Great video man, keep up the hard work, December mallards are finally here and can’t wait to get on to em!

KsOutdoorSports says:

Worked nice, another one down. That Kayak brushed up well.

Darren D says:

What color FA grass did you buy?

MrBowNaxe says:

Did the same thing yesterday, ran out fir a quick one with my dog. It washis 8th birthday and I had to take him to the marsh. Just one mallard but it was awesome none the less. Thanks for sharing.

brianbackcountry says:

Cool video man!

Noah Smith says:

Good looking double curl

Ty Faichney says:

Beautiful bird

NorCal Hunter says:

I got a recipe for ya. Pluck that duck and take the breast. Soak it in some salt water over night to drain the blood. Then marinade it for 6 hours or so in olive oil and mccormicks Monterey steak seasoning. Then you just need to sear it in a frying pan, start fat/skin side first. Came out awesome. Going hunting Sunday afternoon and if I get anything I’m doing the same thing but grilling it. I would’ve grilled the last ones but it’s been raining since I went hunting here in Cali and I don’t have a covered patio

FowlBetterTV says:

What kind of PFD is that?

Eddie Rodz says:

What it’s all about

Caddo Cajun says:

Headed up your way tonight, hit me up if you wanna collab. I’ll be up there still Sunday.

SummitLifeTV says:

Hey man I love your channel and I was thinking about making my yak into a duck hunting vessel for my channel. Anyways thanks for the inspiration I hope you don't mind me stealing your boat build ideas

Ethan says:

love your vids man. Never duck hunted but i just moved to the east coast. May have to get into it👍🏼

Seth Eubanks says:

Awesome video! Do you prefer the topwater over the discover 119 sportsman? I'm trying to decide what route to take.

BigCountryUnlimited says:

What kind of choke are you using?

Christopher Foster says:

what type of hoodie are you wearing???

caseymidstokke says:

Always nice seeing A mallard drop at 10 steps away!!

Ed Peppler says:

Kayaks looking great!!!

Nic Burton says:

Where you working? I was thinking you went full time YouTube

Corbin Webb says:

Bird swung right in! Keep it moving Josh!

Ya boy Steven says:

I was hoping you was gonna say” got em in the artery” 😂

Tiny Supreme says:

I had a similar hunt on Monday afternoon. Saw 8 or so mallards on the water about 100 yards away. I got one to fly over to me with a feeder call which was very cool because I suck at the feeder call. He was going to circle around my decoys and I should have waited but I got too excited and missed all 3 shots lol. He was no more than 30 yards away and wasnt flying fast at all, I am just a terrible shot.

Sari Kiwan says:

i love your solo videos they are really amazing keep it up

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