Kid Shoots BIG BUCK with crossbow! (no track job needed)

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In this week’s episode, our good friend and camera man Joe and his son Gunner went out to do a little bow hunting during the rut in Wisconsin! While sitting over one of their Domain Clover food plots the action heats up and Gunner’s target buck steps out into the plot and the rest is history! Have you ever shot a deer with a crossbow before?

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Eric Platt says:

Shwacker!!!great job!!!

Bass Huntet says:

Truly a great video! Thank you.

Bow Hunters World says:

Awesome job!

НИК Алиев says:

The Killer .

Jennifer Westrom says:

Nice shot bro

Kenneth Billman says:

Awesome job, kept it up.👍👍

Rick A says:

LOVED IT. Great stuff little brother.

Dennis Kling says:

Great shot, pretty soon you'll be the teacher and your Pop will be the student, keep it up and don't let the naysayers turn your talents!

Jerry Little says:

Way to go little man. You held it together. Well done.


I'm all about kids in the woods but this wasnt really an ethical shot..he spined it. No arrow should ever "drop" a deer. Keep practicing though buddy

Shane Y says:

Nice job dude! Good buck for sure!

Nightmare says:

The first signs of becoming a man..

Elwood Hurrin says:

beautiful, put me to tears wishing I had a son to teach. Great shot.

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