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February 6th – With fresh snow and cold temperatures Jake and Brody head out for a morning of calling coyotes. The walk in reveals fresh tracks in the area and after finding an ideal calling [More]
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In this episode of Reel Cool Adventures, we hunt invasive Tilapia with the Benjamin Airguns .357 Bulldog. Tilapia are a an invasive fish species in South Florida that damage local native habitat. Removing them is [More]
Missouri Land Specialist Jeff Propst capitalizes on a nice buck from the ground during Missouri’s rifle season! Sometimes you have to go old school, and that’s exactly what Jeff did when the opportunity presented itself! [More]
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We are true believers that traditions start from a young age. Geoff Nemnich of Coyote Craze takes his two boys hunting with the Lucky Duck Revolution.
As dawn begins to break and the sound of katydids and crickets are replaced with the whistling wings of blue-winged teal doing their best fighter jet impression, you’d never know you were nestled just west [More]
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This video is a compilation of some of our funniest moments while ghost hunting!! Follow me on Instagram: @sonnydeeds Follow me on Twitter: @deeds_sonny
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Some video footage of our headshot hunting in South Africa. Headshot kills on warthog. Slow motion impact shots. Best hunting headshots, impact shots. #hunting #headshots #killshots #chasse #jagd
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Hunt South Africa with All American Outfitter. Visit our website at and click on the South Africa menu – no one goes to Africa just once!
Lauren Conway take this Monster Whitetail Buck with her Ravin Crossbow. Lauren is hunting at Pipeline ridge in Muncy PA. Pipeline Ridge is know for there monster whitetail deer. deer hunting pipelineridge monster bucks women [More]
Hunting Lions in African Safari goes wrong as hunter gets attacked #wildlife #wildafricasafari #bigcat #wildbeasts